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    We specialize in customized hemodialysis,
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Acute Dialysis

Acute Dialysis Services Inc. is committed to delivering optimal renal services to patients across greater Los Angeles. We pride ourselves in our top of the line equipment and our innovative dialysis treatments that exceed regulatory Joint Commission Hospital (JCAHO) regulations year after year.

Our highly trained nurses and staff strive to provide personalized care to restore and maintain your patient’s kidney health. Operating in compliance with the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSDA), Acute Dialysis is proud to provide quality comprehensive services to each of our hospital partners.

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At ADS, we coordinate closely with your quality and infection control teams to provide services that enhance each patient’s quality of life.


We know that each patient is unique.

At ADS, we pride ourselves on providing treatment options that are specifically tailored to best suit patients' health and lifestyle needs.


ADS provides all dialysis-specific equipment and treatment-specific supplies needed to render our services which include dialysis machines and water purification devices, dialyzers, dialysate, and bloodlines.


ADS is conscious of each hospital’s commitment to meet the needs of its patients and physicians.

We strive to provide reliable services with respect, integrity, and professionalism.

Meet The Physicians

Under the direction of our award winning co-founders, Dr. Richard Horowitz and Dr. Bialick Tabibian, the medical staff at Acute Dialysis Services is working around the clock to ensure excellent services and results that count.

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